Products: Necklace/pendants

Neck Wire in U Shape
Price: $26.00
Product# PLA-NK072010-11

Silver Woven Neck Wire
Price: $26.00
Product# PLA-NK07209

Hammered Spiral Neck Wire
Price: $26.00
Product# PLA-NK072012

Swirls Neck Wire in Silver or Gold Plated
Price: $24.00
Product# NK104a & b

Choker-Black Deerskin Lace
Price: $19.00
Product# NK107

Choker-Black Deerskin Lace
Price: $18.00
Product# NK106

Black 2 Strand Necklace
Price: $16.00
Product# NK107

Multi Chain Simple Necklace
Price: $20.00
Product# NK102

Price: $18.00
Product# NK103

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